Law of Electronic Commerce

Law of Electronic Commerce
Law of Electronic Commerce
Davidson, AR
Cambridge University Press

Written specifically for legal practitioners and students, this book examines the concerns, laws and regulations involved in Electronic Commerce.

In just a few years, commerce via the World Wide Web and other online platforms has boomed, and a new field of legal theory and practice has emerged. Legislation has been enacted to keep pace with commercial realities, cyber-criminals and unforeseen social consequences, but the ever-evolving nature of new technologies has challenged the capacity of the courts to respond effectively. This book addresses the legal issues relating to the introduction and adoption of various forms of electronic commerce. From intellectual property, to issues of security and privacy, Alan Davidson looks at the practical changes for lawyers and commercial parties whilst providing a rationale for the underlying legal theory.

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the laws of electronic commerce
  • Written by one of Australia's leading academics in electronic commerce, who combines practical experience with sound knowledge of legal theory
  • Covers topics such as: electronic transactions, internet contracts, domain names, intellectual property, security, evidence, cybercrime and privacy
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