Law of Delict in South Africa 2ed

Law of Delict in South Africa
Law of Delict in South Africa 2ed
Midgley, JR
Oxford University Press S A

The book is a true student textbook that combines a strong theoretical foundation with a practical applied approach.

A clear, concise yet rigorous introduction to the general principles of delictual law. Revised and updated, the second edition focuses more strongly on problem solving application.
The text supports learning and the development of independent academic skills through various learning features which bring an applied, critical and reflective approach to the content.
The structure of the book reflects the logical and systematic process of enquiry that is followed when assessing or preparing for a delictual matter, and it reflects clearly the distinctions between the Aquilian action, Germanic action and Actio iniuriarum.
Pedagogically developed as a learning resource for students with varying backgrounds and skills levels.
Supported by ancillary teaching materials which assist in teaching and learning.

  • Clear, accessible and appropriate for LLB students. The text offers a rigorous introduction to the subject whilst supporting understanding and language development.
  • Provides rich context to support understanding.
  • Focuses on the development of academic skills, assisting students to engage with the subject interactively and to build independent reasoning skills.
  • The structure of the text assists to build understanding and supports practical application, by reflecting the process of enquiry which would be followed when investigating a delictual matter.
  • Offers the correct scope and level of content for undergraduate students.
  • Ancillary materials to support teaching and learning.

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