Land Law Directions (4ed)

Land Law Directions
Land Law Directions (4ed)
Clarke, S
Oxford University Press

Land Law Directions is an engaging and straightforward introduction to land law, with clear explanations of even the most difficult concepts. Case summaries, photographs, and examples are used throughout to provide real-life context and clarify abstract ideas, while diagrams and definitions ensure the text is easy to follow and that key points are clear.

From their extensive experience teaching undergraduates, authors have created a range of resources to help you build upon and further your understanding, including self-test questions, thinking points, and fictional examples. The book concludes with two useful chapters that show you how the topics come together and provide guidance on how to prepare for exams.

Land Law Directions innovative features, easy-to-read style and practical advice make this the ideal all-round textbook to prepare you for success in both exams and the workplace.

  • Includes a final chapter that focuses on a fictional piece of land and illustrates how the topics covered in the preceding chapters link together and apply in practice
  • Includes a chapter dedicated to exam advice and example questions and answers for each topic, as well as revision podcasts and multiple choice questions to fully support students throughout their course
  • Straight-forward and engaging writing style quickly clarifies complex points and explains key terminology.
  • Case summaries, examples, and photographs provide valuable context and clarify key points
  • Accompanied by an extensive Online Resource Centre, with coverage of futher topics, revision podcasts, multiple choice questions, and updates in the law

New to this edition

  • Includes new case-law on co-ownership of the family home in light of the decision in Jones v Kernott
  • New cases on registration of title, including Fitzwilliam v Richall Holding Services and Chaudhary v Yavuz
  • Further discussion of the development of adverse possession, including the effect of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012

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