Koffman & Macdonald's Law of Contract (8ed)

Koffman & Macdonald's Law of Contrac
Koffman & Macdonald's Law of Contract (8ed)
Atkins, R
Oxford University Press

If you are new to the study of law then Koffman and Macdonald's The Law of Contract will provide you with a clear, non-technical account of contract law that will take you through your first year module.

The authors' case summaries, extracts and analyses will show you how the law works in practice, give you a good knowledge of the key cases in the area, and help you to refine your own case-reading skills. Coverage has been carefully reviewed to match undergraduate contract law courses across the country.Clear and comprehensive explanation of contract law

  • Succinct case summaries and analysis
  • Chapter summaries for readers to check their understanding
  • Reading lists in each chapter to aid further research

New to this edition

  • Coverage of the Law Commissions' papers on Unfair Terms, Illegality, and the draft Consumer Rights Bill
  • 'Remedies' chapter divided into separate chapters on damages and specific enforcement to help break down the topic
  • 'Capacity' and 'An Outline of the Law of Restitution' chapters will now be available on the Online Resource Centre
  • Expanded legal and social discussion, such as the scope of the unfair terms legislation, and how far, and on what basis, consumers should be protected from unfairness in the main terms when they are prominent and in plain language
  • A fresh look at some well-established issues, such as what amounts to an illegitimate threat in relation to duress, and even the very familiar question of why we have the postal rule, and the more recent problem of whether it should be applied to e-mail
  • New cases including Yam Seng Pte Ltd v International Trade Corporation Ltd, Cleaver v Schylde Investments Ltd, Kolmar Group AG v Traxpo Enterprises Pty Ltd, Borelli v Ting, Progress Bulk Carriers Ltd v Tube City IMS LLC, Thomas v BPE Solicitors (a firm), RTS Flexible Systems Ltd v Molkerei Alois Midler GmbH & Co (UK Production), Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG v Royal Bank of Scotland plc, VB Penzugyi Lizing Zrt v Ferenc Schneider, OFT v Ashbourne Management Services Ltd, Proactive Sports Management Ltd v Rooney, Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd v Far East Chartering Ltd (The Jag Ravi), Fortress Value Recovery Fund I LLC v Blue Skye Special Opportunities Fund LP, Eminence Property Developments Ltd v Heaney, Isabella Shipowner SA v Shagang Shipping Co Ltd, Bunge SA v Kyla Shipping Co Ltd, and Andrews v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.
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