International Insolvency: Jurisdictional Comparisons (3ed)

International Insolvency
International Insolvency: Jurisdictional Comparisons (3ed)
Boone, B
Sweet & Maxwell

International Insolvency: a Jurisdictional Comparison, now in its 3rd Edition, is an essential reference guide for companies and legal professionals working in an increasingly globalized economy. This title offers you insight into the insolvency laws of 25 major worldwide jurisdictions, including:
• Contributions from highly qualified local practitioners with years of experience in the insolvency field
• A reader-friendly Q&A format allowing for easy cross-jurisdictional comparisons
• Overviews of the key points and highlights of insolvency proceedings in each jurisdiction
• Answers pertinent questions of multinational organisations
• Single starting point of reference for corporate counsel, global restructuring consultants and legal advisors
• Succinct synopses of how each jurisdiction handles cross-border insolvencies

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