International Charitable Giving

International Charitable Giving
International Charitable Giving
Cutbill, C
Oxford University Press

Written by a team of experts from around the world, International Charitable Giving provides a detailed and much-needed treatment of the interaction between the various legal systems at play in this complicated area of the law. By untangling the many issues facing practitioners, it facilitates clear and comprehensive advice to donors and recipients alike.

The book provides a comprehensive picture of the most important issues relevant to charitable giving and philanthropy worldwide, including taxation, issues surrounding money laundering and terrorist financing, and the role of EU Law. Alongside a thorough discussion of the broader issues impacting on charitable donation, the book includes a range of chapters on specific national legal systems, including Switzerland, Israel, and Hong Kong, as well as a chapter on Islamic Law. Each of the jurisdictions has been selected because of its tradition of charitable giving and relevance to the transfer of charitable monies internationally, as well as its importance in relation to the jurisprudence in the field.

  • The only comprehensive treatment of cross-border charitable giving, this book is an essential guide for all those involved in this complex area of the law
  • Provides extensive analysis of the broader and jurisdiction-specific issues surrounding international giving
  • Contains a range of jurisdiction-specific chapters, enabling easy comparison of the various legal systems
  • Written by a team of expert practitioners from leading global firms, offering accurate and authoritative information
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