Insolvency Law Handbook (3ed)

Insolvency Law Handbook (3ed)
Insolvency Law Handbook (3ed)
Dennis, V
Law Society Publishing

Company insolvencies are a subject of continuing importance to practitioners as economic growth remains elusive. In addition, company and individual voluntary arrangements continue to be popular alternatives to liquidation and bankruptcy.

More importantly for the practitioner, there have been recent changes in the law relating to insolvency. The Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2010 alone bring more than 500 changes to the legislation, including extensive amendment of the Insolvency Act 1986. Key developments that are covered in the new edition of this invaluable handbook include:

  • introduction of remote meetings over the internet in the conduct of administrations
  • IPs (insolvency practitioners) allowed to inform creditors by email when a firm enters administration
  • more information and transparency on IPs' fees
  • Companies House replaces courts as the repository of insolvency documents
  • abolition of annual creditor meetings for voluntary winding up
  • gender neutral language introduced in drafting insolvency documents.

This comprehensive book covers all the main areas of both corporate and personal insolvency law including bankruptcy, individual and company voluntary arrangements, administration, administrative receivership and liquidation.

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