Insolvency and Restructuring Manual (3ed)

Insolvency and Restructuring Manual (3ed)
Insolvency and Restructuring Manual (3ed)
Beale, S
Bloomsbury Professional

Insolvency and Restructuring Manualexamines the main formal processes involved in the world of corporate insolvency and restructuring such as liquidation, administration, receivership, company voluntary arrangements and schemes of arrangement. Distinctly practical in style Insolvency and Restructuring Manual utilises bullet pointed and highlighted text, flowcharts, tables and other schematics to explain and compare the main procedures and remedies available in this complex area of law.

Fully revised and updated the third edition includes:

  • The new Insolvency Rules 2016 (coming into force 6 April, 2017)
  • The Recast EU Regulation on Insolvency 2015/848
  • The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015
  • The creation of the "pre-pack" pool in relation to pre-pack sales to connected parties
  • Developments in relation to schemes of arrangement
  • Case law: Van Gansewinkel Groep BV, MagyarTelecom B.V., Apcoa Parking Holdings GmbH and Codere Finance (UK) Ltd
  • The Lehman Brothers "waterfall" decisions relating to ranking of and proving for certain types of debts
  • The "Game Station" decision in relation to the ranking of rental payments as an administration expense and what liabilities constitute administration expenses


Chapter 1: What are insolvency and restructuring

Chapter 2: Who gets what?

Chapter 3: Liquidation

Chapter 4: Administration

Chapter 5: Antecedent transactions

Chapter 6: Position of directors

Chapter 7: CVAs and Schemes of Arrangement

Chapter 8: Secured creditors

Chapter 9: Other special types of creditor

Chapter 10: Restructuring

Chapter 11: Cross-border issues

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