Insolvency and Restructuring Manual (2ed)

Insolvency and Restructuring Manual (2ed)
Insolvency and Restructuring Manual (2ed)
Beale, S
Bloomsbury Professional

Insolvency and Restructuring Manual is a practical, user-friendly, comprehensive guide to corporate insolvency and restructuring. It explains the principles and procedures involved taking the reader through the various formal insolvency processes including liquidations, compulsory liquidations, receiverships, administrations, company voluntary arrangements ('CVAs') and Schemes of Arrangement, they might encounter examining the differences between them.

To emphasise the practical nature of the approach there are:
Quick summaries;
Flow charts of insolvency processes;
Tables comparing procedures and remedies.

It also has separate chapters covering:
Company law issues, eg the position of the director;
The role of creditors - a chapter covering secured creditors; and a chapter covering other special types of creditors, including landlords, employees, pensions-related creditors and retention of title creditors;
Cross-border considerations.

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