Immigration Law: Jurisdictional Comparisons

Immigration Law
Immigration Law: Jurisdictional Comparisons
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One of the major paradoxes of the 21st century is that governments both seek to facilitate globalisation through the desire for foreign direct investment and the need for inward migration of talented workers; while at the same time placing legal restrictions on ‘free movement’ in an attempt to control economic migration, international finance, organised crime and terrorism.  The balance that governments and law makers seek to achieve has significant and sensitive political economic and social implications.

  • Essential current content reflecting Immigration Law  across 18 major jurisdictions throughout the world
  • Includes contributions from expert immigration lawyers
  • Reader-friendly Q&A format allows for easy cross-jurisdictional comparisons
  • Strong international focus, covering diverse areas including jurisdiction and conflict of laws
  • Focuses on sources and conflicts of law; business immigration (sponsored / unsponsored); settlement and citizenship, and future legislation
  • Practical, straightforward commentary on each jurisdiction and the respective legal systems

Jurisdictional Coverage: 
Foreword – Laura Devine, Laura Devine Solicitors
1. Australia - Minter Ellison;
2. Austria – Neudorfer Rechtsanwaelte;
3. Canada - Bart & Associates;
4. China - Fredrikson & Byron
5. France - CMG & Associés - Avocats
6. Germany - Mutze Korsch Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
7. Hong Kong - Chow King & Associates
8. India - LawQuest
9. Italy - Mazzeschi Corporate Immigration & Citizenship Law
10. Mexico - Arellano Rincon Abogados
12. Netherlands - Kroes Advocaten
13. New Zealand - Ryken & Associates,  Barristers and Solicitors 
14. Singapore - KhattarWong LLP
15. Spain - Fernando Scornik Gerstein
16. Switzerland - Vischer
17. Turkey – Bener
18. UK – Laura Devine Solicitors
19. USA - Laura Devine Attorneys LLP

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