ICSA Corporate Governance Handbook (3ed)

ICSA Corporate Governance Handbook (3ed)
ICSA Corporate Governance Handbook (3ed)
Barber, B
ICSA Publishing

ICSA's Corporate Governance Handbooklooks at all aspects of corporate governance in the UK, providing practical advice and guidance on implementation, monitoring and best practice.

The pace of change in corporate governance has accelerated rapidly in the last few years and discussions around the quality of decision-making, the roles and behaviours of directors, and the oversight and management of risk is constantly in the spotlight.

The new edition of the Corporate Governance Handbook has captured these changes and provide practical advice on how to implement good governance strategies for your organisation using best practice and up-to-date guidance.

The 3rd edition of this book has been brought fully up-to-date and is supported by a range of practical templates, checklists, precendents, summaries and case studies, and also the text of key codes of practice and guidelines.


Part 1: The Regulatory Context and Key Resources

Part 2: The Board’s Role and Director’s Responsibilities

Part 3: The Effective Board and its Officers

Part 4: Financial Reporting and Risk Management

Part 5: Shareholder Perspectives

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