ICSA Company Secretary's Handbook (10ed)

ICSA Company Secretary's Handbook
ICSA Company Secretary's Handbook (10ed)
Armour, D
Hb + cd
ICSA Publishing

The ICSA Company Secretary’s Handbook is a practical guide to the legislation and regulation governing companies and company secretarial procedures.

Coverage is comprehensive and details the procedures associated with boards of directors, company meetings, reporting, shares, and share registration. The Handbook also contains chapters on listed company compliance, corporate governance, company investigations, takeovers and mergers, and insolvency. Detailed commentary is accompanied by over 80 precedents, appendices, and a glossary of key terms and a directory of key company secretarial resources.

This new edition has been revised and updated for 2014 to include significant updates on the new narrative reporting regime, the new remuneration reporting regime, the subsidiary audit exemption, the Davis Review and board diversity, and ISDX and GXG listings.

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