How to Run a Charity

How to Run a Charity
How to Run a Charity
Gillard, C
ICSA Publishing

In recent years, there have been sea-changes in law, regulation, regulatory approaches and the macro environment in which charities operate.

Packed with practical advice, this book offers all the essential facts needed to set up and run a successful charity. From legal parameters and their practical impacts, through finance and managing assets, to the roles and responsibilities of charity boards and trustees, the book provides both theory and practice, with case studies to highlight not only where things can go right, but also where things can go (sometimes horribly) wrong.

  • The only up-to-date book on the market for anyone setting up or tasked with running a charity effectively.
  • A comprehensive yet straightforward guide.
  • Covers the key areas of legal administration and the main aspects of the regulatory regime.
  • Includes both the theory and practice, including case studies and common mistakes made.
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