Homelessness and Allocations (9ed)

Homelessness and Allocations (9ed)
Homelessness and Allocations (9ed)
Arden, A
Legal Action Group

Now in its ninth edition, this book has established itself as the definitive guide to the rights of the homeless. Written by leading experts, the text clearly and succinctly sets the law in its context, and appendices reproduce the relevant consolidated legislation and guidance.

The ninth edition is updated to include:

- a complete revision of the law on allocations to reflect the Localism Act 2011 and guidance;
- coverage of the Localism Act 2011 homelessness changes and new guidance;
- extended coverage of other statutory accommodation options;
- a fully revised chapter on eligibility updated to include Zambrano, Dereci, Dias and the amendments to the regulations;
- changes to the regulatory framework for social housing and complaints;
- new template for judicial review pre-action protocol letter;
- extensively revised for continuing case-law developments;
- includes 2012 suitability orders and related guidance, including out-of-area placements.

Homelessness and Allocations is an essential resource for all housing practitioners, advisers, local authorities and housing officers.

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