Federalization of Corporate Governance

Federalization of Corporate Governance
Federalization of Corporate Governance
Steinberg, M
Oxford University Press USA

This book focuses on the federalization of corporate governance in the United States from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Although the states traditionally have regulated the sphere of corporate governance - encompassing the relations among and between the subject corporation, its directors, it officers, its stockholders, and other stakeholders - federal law today impacts the governance of publicly-traded companies to a greater degree than ever before in U.S. history.

This book discusses the evolution and development of corporate governance from a federal law perspective from the commencement of the twentieth century to the present. It examines the tension between state company law and federal law, analyzes the federal historical developments, explains the ramifications of the federal legislation enacted during the past two decades, and recommends corrective measures that should be implemented. The book accordingly provides an original, historical, and contemporary analysis of the federalization of corporate governance - a subject that impacts this country's economic well-being in a very fundamental way.

Contents: About the AuthorAcknowledgments1. An Evolutionary Process - The Federalization of Corporate Governance2. Twentieth Century Legislative Proposals - Federal Incorporation and Related Efforts3. The SEC's Impact on the Federalization of Corporate Governance - A Traditional Perspective4. The SEC's Shareholder Proposal Rule and Related Developments5. The SOX and Dodd-Frank Acts - Modern Federal Corporate Governance Initiatives6. The Impact of Stock Exchange Rules on the Federalization of Corporate Governance7. Unresolved Business: Federal Corporate Governance Enhancements8. Future Federalization of Corporate Governance Index

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