Family Court Practice 2017

Family Court Practice 2017
Family Court Practice 2017
Black, Rt Hon Lady
Jordan Publishing Ltd

The Family Court Practice (Red Book), covers the entire range of family business and contains all the essential materials you need to practise in the Family Court.

The 25th edition is fully updated to include the latest case-law, full coverage of new and amended legislation, Practice Directions and guidance. It also contains fully and expertly annotated statutes and rules together with scores of unique step-by-step procedural guides, which direct you effortlessly to the relevant rules and annotation.

What will be included in the 2017 Edition:-

  • A new Procedural Guide on appeals in the Family Court from a judge of circuit judgelevel in private law cases to a judge of the High Court
  • The latest updates to the CPR (including to Pt 52) 
  • The latest amendments to the FPR, including: 
    • r 9.9A (Application to set aside a financial remedy order) and PD9A; 
    • PD30A (Appeals); and 
    • the new FPR PD36D (Pilot Scheme: Procedure for Using an Online System to Generate Applications in Certain Proceedings for a Matrimonial Order)
    Recent guidance on:-
    • Duration of Ex Parte (Without Notice) Orders in the Family Court;
    • Transfer of proceedings under Article 15 of Brussels IIa and Articles 8 and/or 9 of the 1996 Hague Convention;
    • Electronic Filing at the Central Family Court: Pilot Scheme;
    • Allocation of Work to Section 9 Judges;
    • Appointmentof the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts in Family Proceedings andProceedings under the Inherent Jurisdiction in Relation to Adults; plus
    • Radicalisationcases in the Family Courts
    • Liaison between Courts in England and Wales and British Embassies and High Commissions Abroad;
    Expanded commentary on:-
    • Judges meeting with children
    • FPR Part 15: Representation of Protected Parties
    • Duration of a without notice order
    • FPR Pt21 (Miscellaneous Rules about Disclosure and Inspection of Documents)
    • FPR PD27A (Family Proceedings: Court Bundles (Universal Practice to be applied in the High Court and Family Court))
    • CPR r21.10 (Compromise etc by or on behalf of child or protected party)
    • CPR Pt 71 (Orders to Obtain Information from Judgment Debtors)
    • Return orders, including Court’s power to set aside vary, rescind, suspend or revoke
    • Welfare of the child
    • Funding issues for child arrangements orders
    • Care and supervision orders
    • Evidence given by, or with respect to, children
    • Privacy for children involved in certain proceedings
    • Parental orders
    • Deprivation of liberty
    • The distinction between matrimonial and non-matrimonial property
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