Evidence Matters: Science, Proof and Truth in the Law

Evidence Matters: Science, Proof and Truth in the Law
Evidence Matters: Science, Proof and Truth in the Law
Haack, S
Cambridge University Press

Is truth in the law just plain truth - or something sui generis? Is a trial a search for truth? Do adversarial procedures and exclusionary rules of evidence enable, or impede, the accurate determination of factual issues? Can degrees of proof be identified with mathematical probabilities? What role can statistical evidence properly play? How can courts best handle the scientific testimony on which cases sometimes turn? How are they to distinguish reliable scientific testimony from unreliable hokum? These interdisciplinary essays explore such questions about science, proof, and truth in the law. With her characteristic clarity and verve, Haack brings her original and distinctive work in theory of knowledge and philosophy of science to bear on real-life legal issues. She includes detailed analyses of a wide variety of cases and lucid summaries of relevant scientific work, of the many roles of the scientific peer-review system, and of relevant legal developments.

  • Features original work by a renowned philosopher that applies to real-life evidentiary issues in the law
  • Presents a distinctive philosophical approach informed by the classical pragmatist tradition
  • Offers a stringent critique of legal probabilism, and specifically of subjective-Bayesian conceptions of legal proof
  • Offers a detailed discussion of a wide range of cases illustrating important ideas as well as an understanding of proof of causation and the role of statistical evidence
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