Evidence, Inference and Enquiry (Proceedings of the British Academy No171)

Evidence, Inference and Enquiry
Evidence, Inference and Enquiry (Proceedings of the British Academy No171)
Dawid, P
Oxford University Press

Evidence - its nature and interpretation - is the key to many topical debates and concerns such as global warming, evolution, the search for weapons of mass destruction, DNA profiling, evidence-based medicine.

In 2004 University College London launched a cross-disciplinary research programme "Evidence, Inference and Enquiry" to explore the question: "Can there be an integrated multidisciplinary science of evidence?" While this question was hotly contested and no clear final consensus emerged, much was learned on the journey.

This book, based on the closing conference of the programme held at the British Academy in December 2007, illustrates the complexity of the subject, with 17 chapters written from a diversity of perspectives including Archaeology, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Health, History, Law, Psychology, Philosophy and Statistics. General issues covered include principles and systems for handling complex evidence, evidence for policy-making, and human evidence-processing, as well as the very possibility of systematising the study of evidence.

  • Underlines the importance of evidence to many topical debates
  • Leads to a better understanding of the nature and interpretation of evidence
  • Takes a cross-disciplinary approach

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