European Immigration Law: A Commentary

European Immigration Law: A Commentary
European Immigration Law: A Commentary
Hailbronner, K
Hart Publishing

The EU has usurped essential parts of the national laws of immigration and asylum.

Hence, European Directives and Regulations have become more important for the immigration departments and administrative tribunals.

From German Courts alone, more than five referrals on the interpretation of Directives, especially in the area of the so-called Qualification-Directive (criteria for the recognition as a refugee,) have been made to the European Court of Justice. The immigration departments, too, are obliged to interpret national law, according to European Directives and Regulations. Accordingly, in most of the European member states numerous courts are required to decide on the basis of the European law in the field of immigration and asylum.

For example, the following pieces of European legislation have been dealt with in detail:
Directive on the qualification and status of refugees
Directive on asylum procedure
Directive on the admission of students
Directive on the admission of researchers
Family reunion Directive
Blue Card Directive
Directive on the return of third-country nationals
Dublin Regulation, including Dublin Implementation Regulation and Eurodac

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