European Cross-Border Insolvency Law

European Cross-Border Insolvency Law
European Cross-Border Insolvency Law
Bork, R
Oxford University Press

This book provides a distilled and accessible analysis of the European cross-border insolvency law.

With reference to the amended Insolvency Regulation (EIR) and related sources it examines the issues involved in intra-member state cross-border insolvency.

The book analyses in depth the main areas of change brought about by the EIR such as the restatement of the meaning of 'centre of main interest' (COMI) and the rules on international jurisdiction, the new specific measures for multi-national enterprises, and the move towards co-operation between insolvency practitioners and courts.

The EIR represents a very significant development in European insolvency law which will have an impact on all insolvencies with an international element involving a European state. All practitioners advising on the area need a clear grasp of the implications of the changes and this book aims to deliver just that.

  • One of the first books to explain the changes brought about by the recast Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings (EIR)
  • Clearly distils the system, rules and issues of EU insolvency law
  • Analysis of the law is placed in the context of European strategy and practice
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