EU Law in Criminal Practice

EU Law in Criminal Practice
EU Law in Criminal Practice
Atkinson, D
Oxford University Press

The law of the EU has an increasing effect on domestic criminal law and poses a growing number of questions to practitioners and their clients. What happens if a client has commited a crime in another country? What if crimes have been committed in multiple countries? What limits does the EU impose on sentencing? In what circumstances can a European Arrest Warrant be granted, and how can a Warrant be challenged? What will be the impact on EU law measures if the UK Government exercises an opt-out?

Answering these questions, and offering clear, practical assistance to those working in this complex area, EU Law in Criminal Practice is the only book to offer a comprehensive and practical guide to the interplay between European Union law and UK criminal practice. It enables the busy criminal practitioner to understand the legal landscape that the Treaty of Lisbon created, offering a thorough and practitioner-focused analysis of the relevant regulations and case law. From explanation of the institutional framework through to the substantive law of offences, sentencing, and appeals, the book is an invaluable guide for all engaged in modern criminal practice.

  • An unrivalled team of authors offer a unique and much-needed guide to this area of increasing relevance to criminal practitioners
  • The only practical guide to provide analysis of the applicability of general principles of EU law and their impact on domestic criminal proceedings
  • Edited by Duncan Atkinson, a leading junior specializing in serious crime, with expert oversight from David Perry QC and Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas
  • Brings together a disparate range of information - from the underlying institutional framework of EU law, to the substantive law of offences and sentencing

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