EU General Data Protection Regulation

EU General Data Protection Regulation
EU General Data Protection Regulation
Castro-Edwards, J
Law Society Publishing

Data protection has come of age, with a new generation of law, an expanding field of experienced professionals, a general public that increasingly values its privacy and understands when it has been infringed, and more sophisticated and powerful data protection authorities.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to come into force in May 2018, this legislation guide breaks down and analyses what this will mean for both your firm's own data and that of the clients you advise. Its key benefits are:

  • A practical analysis of EU GDPR
  • It breaks the regulation down into easily digestible segments
  • It includes the full EU General Data Protection Regulation.

This is an essential text for firms of all sizes in preparation for the regulation going live.


1. Subject matter, material and territorial scope, and definitions

2. The data protection principles

3. Data subjects' rights

4. Controllers and processors, breach notification and data protection officers

5. Data transfers

6. Independent supervisory authorities

7. Cooperation and consistency

8. Remedies, liability and penalties

9. Provisions relating to specific processing situations

10. Delegated acts and implementing acts

11. Final provisions.

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