Elderly Client Handbook (5ed)

Elderly Client Handbook
Elderly Client Handbook (5ed)
Bielanska, C
Law Society Publishing

Life expectancy in the UK has been growing steadily. It is predicted that, by 2020, almost half the adult population will be over 50. In response to these changes, the concept of an elderly client practice has been championed by pioneers among the legal profession.

This book supports lawyers who have developed their practice to provide solutions to the legal and practical issues brought to them by elderly clients.

Reflecting the need of lawyers in this area to maintain an impressive generalist knowledge and keen problem-solving skills, the Elderly Client Handbook brings together an array of leading experts to present a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the relevant law and practice.

In particular, this edition has practical advice on the following recent developments:

  • Care Act 2014
  • Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014
  • Welfare Reform Act 2012
  • case law on mental capacity
  • revised forms and procedures for LPAs
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