Delictual Liability (5ed)

Delictual Liability (5ed)
Delictual Liability (5ed)
Thomson, JM
Bloomsbury Professional

Delictual Liability is a highly respected account of the principles of delict in Scots law and is the standard introductory textbook on the subject. Professor Thomson provides a clear and coherent explanation of this notoriously difficult area of law, illustrated by many examples.

The fifth edition of this extremely popular text has been updated throughout, taking account of the treatment of the Damages (Scotland) Act 2011 and major revisions in the areas of unlawful imprisonment; misrepresentation; causation; vicarious liability and defamation.


Part I - Intentional Delicts
Part II - Unintentional Delict – General Principles of Liability
Part III - Delictual Liability in Specific and Economic Contexts
Part IV - Damages

Professor Joe Thomson was Regius Professor of Law at the University of Glasgow and Commissioner at the Scottish Law Commission.

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