Delict Law Essentials (3ed)

Delict Law Essentials (3ed)
Delict Law Essentials (3ed)
McManus, F
Edinburgh University Press

The law of delict means different things in different legal systems. In Scots Law, it can be defined as a "wilful wrong": an intentional or negligent act which gives rise to a legal obligation between parties even though there has been no contract between them. From defamation to dangerous animals, and from negligence to nuisance, Delict Essentials will introduce you to the Scots law of delict. Fully updated for the second edition, this concise guide will give you the key facts that you need, whether you're a busy law student, revising for those all-important exams or looking to brush up on your knowledge. It will also be useful for those studying comparative criminal law or the law of delict across different jurisdictions.

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