Debt Recovery Through the Courts

Debt Recovery Through the Courts
Debt Recovery Through the Courts
Sandbrook, C
Sweet & Maxwell

Debt Recovery through the Courts guides you through the various processes of obtaining money, from the initial stages of debt recovery through to the action itself.

  • Explains how the techniques of civil litigation and insolvency can best be used to obtain the payment of sums of money which are owed
  • Provides guidance from the preliminary stages before an action is commenced through to the various options and procedures available for the recovery of money
  • Includes extracts from the relevant legislation and examples of the various court orders and forms
  • Looks at the actions that can be taken for the interim preservation of assets
  • Covers County Court and High Court procedure
  • Includes analysis of the Consumer Credit Act 2006 and claims to be taken through the claim process under the new legislation
  • Covers insolvency and its place in debt collection procedures
  • Looks at the strategy for enforcement and anticipates the impact of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 as well as giving practical advice on the various methods of enforcement including using Warrants and Writs, Third Party Debt proceedings, Charging Orders and Orders for Sale and Attachment of Earnings
  • Forms a companion volume toEnforcement of a Judgmentby the same author
  • Includes a commercial debt action case study, flow diagrams and completed court forms
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