Cyber Security: Law and Practice

Cyber Law: Corporate Defence Against Cyber Attacks
Cyber Security: Law and Practice
Armstrong, D
Jordan Publishing Ltd

Cyber security and data management are among the biggest issues facing business and other organisations today. The law faces huge challenges to keep up with the rapid development of technology which provides opportunities for the misuse of computers for commercial gain or other reasons.

This new work covers the vast spectrum of law, both civil and criminal, as it applies to data control, data management and cyber issues. It considers the legal implications of internal threats from employees, data mismanagement or inadequate software, together with external threats from competitors or criminals, and looks at practical ways to deal with potential or actual cyber incidents.

It provides a unique, comprehensive coverage, looking at three main areas:-


  • Legal Framework - Cyber Crime, the Civil Perspective, Cyber Property, and Employee Liability and Protection
  • Data Issues - Data Security and Protection, Control Mechanisms for Embedded Devices, Data Breach Responses, Commercial Espionage
  • Practical issues - Investigative Powers, Litigating and Rules of Evidence, Immunity and the locus and status of the perpetrator, Remedial steps and mitigating the loss

The work concludes by looking at the potential impact of ‘Brexit’ on data management and control and the significance of the impending General Data Protection Regulation.

This valuable new resource will be a single point of reference for legal practitioners including solicitors, barristers, in-house counsel, compliance officers and those dealing with cyber risk and data protection/management not only as it affects corporations but also other entities, individuals and States. 

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