Customer Newsletter No 28 June 2013

Free Delivery: From June 2013 all orders sent to a UK address are now shipped post free.

Congratulations to any of our customers who took part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival - as usual it was a great event and the sun did shine!

The new edition of the Scottish Law Directory (the White Book) is now in stock. Order your copy here!

The bookshop is now on Twitter and Facebook - please follow us! We are learning fast but social media are still a bit of a mystery to us, and we need the practice.

Sale Books: we have a number of books at greatly reduced prices including Rennie on Solicitors' Negligence (£10) and Scots Law into the 21st Century: Essays in Honour of W A Wilson (£50). Contact for details of other Sale Books.

Antiquarian Books: we have just acquired a copy of the first edition of Kames' Principles of Equity (1760). The volume is in very good condition and bound in leather, and is priced at £250. If you are interested but would like to see the book before deciding whether to buy, please contact us on or by telephone.

Publishing highlights for the next two months include - at the end of June: the second edition of Commercial Leases in Scotland by Kenneth Gerber; Robert Shiels' Criminal Advocacy and Defective Representation; Laura Macgregor's volume for SULI The Law of Agency in Scotland.

Lindsay Levy of the Advocates' Library has just retired after completing the cataloguing of the books of Sir Walter Scott at Abbotsford- a task not done since Sir Walter died in 1832! She discovered many rare and valuable volumes in the course of the work, including Robert Burns' The Fornicators' Court (also known as 'Libel Summons' or 'The Court of Equity'). The Library has produced a facsimile reprint with an introduction by leading Burns' scholars. We have copies for sale at £10. 

This month we feature a series from Hart Publishing on Constitutional Systems of the World. The series 'seeks to provide scholars and students with accessible introductions to the constitutional systems of the world, supplying both a road map for the novice and, at the same time, a deeper understanding of the key historical, political, and legal events which have shaped the constitutional landscape of each country. Each book in the series deals with a single country or a group of countries with a common constitutional history, and each author is an expert in their field.' The latest titles: The Constitution of Mexico and The Constitution of Spain are in stock now. Other recently published titles include the Constitutions of the UK (now in its 2nd edition), China, France, Germany and the Russian Federation.