Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims 2008: A Guide to the New Scheme

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims
Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims 2008: A Guide to the New Scheme
Begley, L
Law Society Publishing

The updated 2008 Scheme came into force from November 2008. Substantial changes have been made to procedures and to the tariff.Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims 2008provides a fully up-to-date and free-standing guide to the new Scheme.

In addition, the book supplementsCriminal Injuries Compensation Claimsby Clare Padley and Laura Begley, a well-respected practitioner's guide to claims under the previous 1996 and 2001 Schemes. Together with Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims, this new book provides a detailed analysis of criminal injuries compensation claims generally and helps you to understand fully the provisions of the new 2008 Scheme.

This essential new book covers all the amendments in the 2008 Scheme in the key areas of eligibility, procedure and assessment of compensation. In particular it deals with the Tribunal Procedure (First Tier Tribunal) (Social Entitlement Chamber) Rules 2008 which came into force on 3rd November 2008 and which apply to all existing appeals. The book includes:

  • practical structured guidance to the 2008 Scheme
  • direct comparison with the 1996 and 2001 Schemes where substantial amendments have been made
  • a step-by-step guide to the Tribunal Rules
  • useful appendices comprising the Scheme, the Guide, the Rules and the Practice Directions.
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