Criminal Evidence & Procedure (3ed)

Brown Criminal Evidence & Procedure (3ed)
Criminal Evidence & Procedure (3ed)
Brown, AN
Avizandum Publishing Ltd

Criminal Evidence and Procedure is a practical and accessible introduction to the conduct of criminal cases. The text is structured according to the various stages of a criminal case, from mitigation to appeal.
It approaches the subject in an integrated way, recognising that there is a substantial degree of interpenetration between evidence and procedure. Procedure is considered in the general order in which steps occur in prosecutions, with solemn and summary procedure dealt with together as far as possible.
Matters of evidence are covered as they become relevant to the topics being dealt with. The Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, as amended, remains the core of the text.
This popular text provides a way into the subject for those coming new to criminal evidence and procedure and is also a valuable vade mecum for established practitioners.

Alastair Brown is a Sheriff at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

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