Cousins: The Law of Mortgages (4ed)

Cousins: The Law of Mortgages (4ed)
Cousins: The Law of Mortgages (4ed)
Cousins, EF
Sweet & Maxwell

Cousins On Law of Mortgages is a comprehensive explanation of the law and practice concerning mortgages and related court proceedings.

Every type of mortgage agreement is covered, going through the rights and duties of the parties involved. This new edition brings the text up to date with all the latest legislative and case law developments.

  • Identifies and examines the areas of dispute between the parties involved
  • Discusses remedies available under the mortgage and in court proceedings
  • Considers the defences and claims commonly raised by the mortgagor in actions brought by the mortgagee
  • Covers the different forms of security
  • Discusses insolvency as it affects both mortgagor and mortgagee
  • Describes the procedures for amending and transferring mortgages
  • Includes a useful selection of forms and precedents

Table of cases;
Table of statutes;
Table of statutory instruments;
The nature of a mortgage;
Development of the law of mortgage;
Creation of legal mortgages of unregistered land;
Creation of mortgages of registered land;
Second and subsequent mortgages;
Equitable mortgages and charges of land;
Mortgages over miscellaneous interests in or related to land;
Parties to mortgages;Priority of mortgages;
Marshalling, contribution and exoneration;
Consolidation;Subrogation;Transfer and devolution of rights under the security;
Extinguishment of the security;
Consumer protection;
Building society law and mortgage lending;
Local authority mortgages;
Regulation of family property;
Charging orders;
Other statutory charges;
Mortgages of personalty and choses in action;
Debentures;Agricultural mortgages and charges;
The status, rights and duties of the mortgagee;
The legal mortgagee — rights, liabilities and remedies out of court;
The legal mortgagee — enforcing rights in court;
The equitable mortgagee or chargee — rights and remedies;
The equity of redemption as an interest in property;
The rights, duties and remedies of the mortgagor or charger;
Discharged, void and imperfect securities;
Matters incidental to the security;
The mortgage debt and the mortgage account;
Insolvency of the mortgagor;
Insolvency of the mortgagee;
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