Court of Session Practice

Court of Session Practice
Court of Session Practice
Carloway, Hon Lord
Bloomsbury Professional

Court of Session Practice is a 'must have' for all practitioners dealing with the Court of Session. This major looseleaf text provides essential, up-to-date guidance on the changing rules and procedures of the Court of Session - in a single, up-to-date source. Written by practitioners with expert knowledge of how the Court works on a daily basis, this is an indispensable source of reference for all judges, advocates, solicitor advocates, solicitors and clerks of the court undertaking Court of Session work.

Contents: The Court of Session; Jurisdiction of the Court of Session; Capacity, Title and Interest; Procedure in an Ordinary Action; Incidental Motions in an Ordinary Action; Particular Actions; Family Proceedings; Petitions in the Outer House; Proceedings in the Inner House; Appeal to the House of Lords and the Privy Council; Decrees and Interlocutors; Expenses and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments.

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