Competition Law Today (2ed)

Competition Law Today (2ed)
Competition Law Today (2ed)
Dhall, V
Oxford University Press

Competition law has witnessed phenomenal growith in in recent years, especially since the early 1990s. As an increasing number of countries have undertaken economic reforms and embraced the market economy, many of them have introduced competition law to maintain competition in their markets.

With the growing integration of the global economy, any anti-competitive activity can have effects across national borders. Competition law has, therefore, become an important part of international trade dialogue. Cooperation on competition issues, therefore, figures in an increasing number of bilateral or regional trade agreements. The book provides an overview of the competition law regime with particular focus on India. It broadly covers the history, objectives, and substantive provisions of law, its relationship with regulated sectors of the market, the economics of law, its international dimension, and competition law in developing countries.

The second edition provides an updated account of law and incorporates changes that have taken place since the publication of the first edition. It includes two new chapters: 'Reviewing Competition Regime in Pakistan' and 'Merger Control Regime under the Competition Law in India'.

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