Comparative Studies in the Development of the Law of Torts in Europe (6 Vols)

Comparative Studies in the Development of the Law of Torts in Europe (6 Vols)
Bell, John
Cambridge University Press

This six-volume set contains the results of the first stage of an AHRC-funded project which aims to examine the nature of legal development in Western Europe since 1850, focusing on liability for fault.

By bringing together experts with different disciplinary backgrounds - comparative lawyers and legal historians, all with an understanding of modern tort law in their own systems - and getting them to work collaboratively, the books produce a more nuanced comparative legal history, and one which is theoretically better informed.

  • Presents a full picture of the development of the law since 1850
  • Legal systems are examined from a comparative and an historical perspective
  • All volumes provide overview chapters that draw out the issues from national reports

The Six Volumes are:-

  • Volume 1. The Development of Product Liability
  • Volume 2. The Development of Liability between Neighbours
  • Volume 3. The Development of Medical Liability
  • Volume 4. The Development of Liability in Relation to Technological Change
  • Volume 5. The Development of Traffic Liability
  • Volume 6. The Development and Making of Legal Doctrine

Also available, the three-volume set containing the results of the second and final stage of this project, published in October 2012.

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