Civil Evidence: The Essential Guide

Civil Evidence: The Essential Guide
Iller, M
Sweet & Maxwell

This book looks at the subject of civil evidence from the perspective of the busy practitioner.

It is highly practical in focus, helping practitioners use the rules and procedures effeciently and effectively.
It helps answer the key questions frequently asked by those involved in civil actions, such as: How do I prove facts and what can I do to make the most of them? What evidence is vulnerable to exclusion? How can I ensure my opponent is providing full disclosure? How will I present the case at trial? How do the Civil Procedure Rules and the European Convention affect evidential issues?

* Deals with the rules and procedures relating to civil evidence from a practical perspective
* Covers factual, hearsay, oral, expert and opinion evidence as well as evidence in the form of witness statements
* Shows how to prove facts and what can be done to make the most of them
* Identifies what evidence is vulnerable to exclusion or inadmissible, and covers private and public interest immunity, legal professional privilege and without prejudice communications
* Provides advice on how to ensure an opponent is providing full disclosure
* Shows how best to present evidence at trial
* Incorporates diagrams, bullet points and summaries to help the reader understand and retain important or complex information more easily

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