Civil Costs Assessment Handbook (2ed)

Civil Costs Assessment Handbook (2ed)
Burdge, P
Pb + cd
Law Society Publishing

This practical book offers indispensable guidance to claimant litigators on the process of civil costs assessment.

It includes valuable advice on how to use the Civil Procedure Rules and the Costs Practice Direction to expedite and maximise the recovery of costs.

The book explains in detail the procedure and documentation required, offering a step-by-step guide through each stage likely to be encountered in a typical costs recovery matter. This useful handbook:

  • outlines the procedural timetable and critical dates
  • suggests ways of maintaining the momentum while negotiating effectively
  • details when and how to obtain default, interim and final costs certificates
  • offers guidance on preparing for and attending detailed assessment hearings
  • explains where to find and how to use all the necessary rules and forms

The accompanying CD-ROM contains over 100 files that are cross-referenced to the text to enable quick and easy access to:

  • all the relevant rules, forms and official guidance
  • customisable precedent letters to the client, the court and the opposing side
  • speciman replies to typical points of disputes
  • worksheets to simplify and speed up the necessary calculations

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