Chitty on Contracts (31ed) vol1 + Sup SET - General Principles

Chitty on Contracts (31ed) vol1
Chitty on Contracts (31ed) vol1 + Sup SET - General Principles
Beale, H
Hb + Supp
Sweet & Maxwell

When it comes to contract law Chitty on Contracts is the best foundation on which to base any case.

  • Provides you with the depth of insight you require, so you can confidently cite it in court
  • Encompasses every part of contract law
  • Presents complete coverage of the law of contract, incorporating extensive reference to relevant legislation and recent case law
  • Is your most trustworthy reference when drafting, negotiating and disputing contracts
  • Analyses recent cases and legislation
  • Volume 1 contains interpretation and analysis of the general principles which apply to all contracts
  • Volume 2 concentrates in-depth on contracts in specialist areas, with expert guidance on contracts from agency and bailment to sale of goods and suretyship
  • Offers interpretation and advice on the law when disputes arise, or when technical areas need clarification, and when responsibilities, obligations and entitlements need to be established
  • Regularly supplemented so you have the latest information to hand
  • Written by leading experts in contract law
  • What's new within the 31st Edition

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Agreement: RTS Flexible Systems Ltd v Molkerei Alois Müller GmbH & Co KG (UK Production) (SC) (work carried out before all points resolved and despite “subject to contract” clause)

Consideration: Thorner v Major (HL) and Henry v Henry (PC) (proprietary estoppel)

Form: Herbert v Doyle (use of proprietary estoppel to overcome lack of written contract)

Mistake: Chartbrook Ltd v Persimmon Homes Ltd (HL) and Daventry District Council v Daventry and District Housing Ltd (rectification)

Misrepresentation: Springwell Navigation Corp v J P Morgan Chase Bank (“no reliance” clause)

Duress and undue influence: Borrelli v Ting (PC) (illegitimate pressure)

Express Terms: Rainy Sky S.A. v Kookmin Bank (SC) and Re Sigma Finance Corp (SC) (interpretation);

Implied terms: Att Gen of Belize v Belize Telecom Ltd (PC)

Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts: Abbey National plc v The Office of Fair Trading (SC)

Illegality and Public Policy: Sibthorpe v Southwark LBC, Simpson v Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust  and Westlaw Services Ltd v Boddy (champerty); Gray v Thames Trains Ltd (HL) (ex turpi causa)

Discharge by Agreement: Stocznia Gdynia SA v Gearbulk Holdings Ltd (express right of termination)

Damages: Regus (UK) Ltd v Epcot Solutions Ltdand Giedo van der Garde BV v Force India Formula One Team Ltd (services contract); Pell Frischmann Engineering Ltd v Bow Valley Iran Ltd (PC) and Vercoe v Rutland Fund Management Ltd (share of defendant’s profit)

Specific Performance and Injunction: Araci v Fallon (injunction); Benedetti v Sawiris (quantum meruit)

Conflict of Laws: Koelzsch v État du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Voogsgeerd v Navimer SA (ECJ) and Duncombe v Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families (SC) (employment contracts)

Agency: Wood Floor Solutions Andreas Domberger GmbH v Silvo Trade SA (ECJ) (commercial agents)

Arbitration: Allianz SpA v West Tankers Inc (ECJ) and National Navigation Co v Endesa Generacion SA (The Wadi Sudr  (stay of legal proceedings); Dallah Real Estate & Tourism Co v Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Government of Pakistan (SC) (jurisdiction)

Bailment: Yearworth v North Bristol NHS Trust

Bills of Exchange and Banking: Payment Services Regulations 2009

Construction Contracts: Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009;

Credit and Security: Consumer Credit Directive 2008

Employment: Equality Act 2010; Autoclenz Ltd v Belcher (SC); Employment Equality (Repeal of Retirement Age Provisions) 2011

Insurance: Argo Systems FZE v Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd  and Seashell of Lisson Grove Ltd v Aviva Insurance Ltd  (waiver); Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010; Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012

Suretyship: North Shore Ventures Ltd. v Anstead Holdings Inc (duty of disclosure); Berghoff Trading Ltd v Swinbrook Developments Ltd and In re Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Ltd. (in administration) (No. 2) (SC) (guarantor’s indemnity)

31st Edition; 1st Supplement

Since the 31st edition was published, there have been legislative and case law developments affecting many chapters. This Supplement contains coverage of:


  • Brussels Regulation bis  (2012) - on the ‘arbitration exception’
  • Financial Services Act 2012  - effects on banking, credit  and insurance contracts
  • Late Payment of Commercial Debts (No.2) Regulations 2013


  • Yam Seng Pte. Ltd. v International Trade Corporation Ltd – implied duty of good faith
  • Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust v Compass Group UK and Ireland Ltd (CA)  –  express term requiring good faith
  • Prime Sight Ltd. v Lavarello (Official Trustee) (PC) – estoppel by deed
  • VTB Capital plc v Nutritek International Corp (SC) and Attrill v Dresdner Kleinwort Ltd (CA) – the objective test
  • Shaker v VistaJet Group Holding SA  - letter of intent
  • Keay v Morris Homes (West Midlands) Ltd – effect of formal requirements
  • Shebelle Enterprises Ltd v The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust Ltd – Crown contracts
  • Charles Terence Estates Ltd v Cornwall Council – proper exercise of powers
  • Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland v Lloyds Banking Group  - interpretation
  • Aziz v Caixa d’Estalvis de Catalunya, Brusse v Jahani BV and RWE Vertrieb AG (CJEU)  – unfair terms
  • Geys v Société Générale (SC) – effect of wrongful dismissal on contract
  • Grange v Quinn (CA) – damages to recover premium paid
  • Isabella Shipowner SA v Shagang Shipping Co Ltd (The Acquafaith) – recovery of hire under time charter
  • Benedetti v Sawiris (SC), Menelaou v Bank of Cyprus plc (CA) and Pitt v Holt (SC) – restitution
  • Wuhan Guoyu Logistics Group Co v Emporiki Bank of Greece SA (CA) – on demand gurarantees
  • Anderson v London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority (CA) – collective agreements and individuals’ contracts
  • Aviva Insurance Ltd. v Hackney Empire Ltd (CA) – discharge of surety

Provides coverage of all relevant legislation and a huge depth of case reference:

  • Presents complete coverage of the law of contract, incorporating extensive reference to relevant legislation and recent case law
  • Contains interpretation and analysis of general legislation since the last edition
  • Provides an in-depth examination of actions arising in contract law, including exclusion clauses, estoppel, illegality and public policy, mistake, misrepresentation and non-disclosure, breach of performance
  • Deals individually with contracts in the following areas of law: agency, arbi
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