Children's Hearings in Scotland (3ed)

Children's Hearings in Scotland (3ed)
Children's Hearings in Scotland (3ed)
Norrie, K McK
W Green & Son

This new 3rd Edition takes in to account the changes in law and practice since 2005.
Of particular note is the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 which is due to come into force during 2012. This introduces a new National Body, ‘Children’s Hearings Scotland’ and a new National Convener along with further structural and procedural changes.
The Children’s Hearings system is unique to Scotland and has increased in significance over the years. It takes a welfare approach to problems involving children including criminal behaviour, although in recent years the need to protect vulnerable children has become an increasingly large part of its work. The system involves lawyers who represent families and children, the specialist institutions and local authorities.

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