Charity Treasurer's Handbook (4ed) 2014

Charity Treasurer's Handbook
Charity Treasurer's Handbook (4ed) 2014
Morgan, G
Directory of Social Change

The rules on finance within charity law can be on one of the biggest challenges for anyone holding responsibility in a charitable organisation.

This handbook gives you a vital overview of the key principles for virtually all the main issues in charity accounting and finance in a short, and clear format.

The 4th Edition of the treasurers handbook has been updated to cover numerous changes since the 3rd edition, including the Charities Act 2011, the two new Charities SORPs taking effect from 2015, accounting for CIOs, the new focus on public benefit, revised accounting thresholds for Scottish charities, interim charity reporting in northern Ireland, substantial changes to Gift Aid and the new VAT rules on shared services. The 4th edition includes a new section on cost apportionment choices for charities running multiple projects.
With plenty of helpful examples, this guide is suitable for voluntary sector workers with little or no accounting experience, those from other sectors seeking an update on charity accounting and students on 3rd sector courses.

Even if you have little or no accounting experience, this handbook is packed with plenty of helpful examples to enable you to understand the accounting mechanisms and requirements involved in the role of a charity treasurer.

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