Charitable Incorporated Organisations

Charitable Incorporated Organisations
Charitable Incorporated Organisations
Morgan, G
Directory of Social Change

Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) are a fundamentally new legal form for charities in England & Wales, under the Charities Act 2006. Registration of new CIOs (and conversion of existing charities) is now due to be possible from mid-2009. Once available they are likely to become very quickly the new legal form of choice in the vast majority of cases where new voluntary organisations are established where the organisation has charitable aims.
This book is intended to provide the full range of practical guidance needed by voluntary sector practitioners to establish new CIOs or to convert existing charities to CIOs.

This book is for: charity managers/coordinators/chief execs considering the CIO form for their own organisation; chairs of trustees, charity/company secretaries, treasurers; staff in infrastructure organisations providing advance information on setting up new organisations/governance issues/legal issues; community accountants and independent examiners; professional advisers (solictors, accountants, bankers) working with charities but who are not yet charity specialists; students on university courses concerned with the voluntary sector (undergraduate and postgraduate); university libraries and libraries/resource centres operated by voluntary organisations.

This book includes the full text of the legislation and regulations for CIOs and model CIO constitutions. It has been legally-checked and endorsed by Russell-Cooke Solicitors.

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