Carter on Reinsurance (5ed) (2 Vols)

Carter on Reinsurance (5ed) (2 Vols)
Carter on Reinsurance (5ed) (2 Vols)
Carter, R
Witherby & Co Ltd

Professor Carter has brought his definitive text on reinsurance right up to date whilst maintaining a historical perspective of the development of reinsurance.

The fifth edition contains the fundamental coverage of reinsurance practice which has made it indispensable among industry professionals. Readers should gain an in-depth guide to the methods and practices which are changing the face of reinsurance.

Following the death of Professor Carter in 2012. the fifth edition will stand testament to the expertise, dedication and enthusiasm he bought to a career spanning over 50 years as an insurance practitioner, academic researcher and author, notably in reinsurance and risk management.

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