Butterworths Competition Law Handbook (21ed)

Butterworths Competition Law Handbook
Butterworths Competition Law Handbook (21ed)
Bavasso, A

This is the latest edition of arguably the most comprehensive single collection of UK statutory source material and official guidance on competition law.

Legislation is printed as currently practiced and the simple layout directs you to the information you need quickly and easily.

In addition to all amendments, repeals and revocations, it features expert annotations regarding commencement and cross-references to other legislation.

Butterworths Competition Law Handbookpresents the latest legislation in an easy-to-use format so you will be able to find information quickly and easily. It can be used as both a stand-alone desktop reference or alongside more in-depth works from LexisNexis.

The legislation is printed as currently in force (taking into account all amendments, repeals and revocations), with detailed technical annotations regarding commencement, cross-references to other legislation and to commencement tables and fees and forms tables where necessary.

This is the essential reference source for lawyers, accountants and banks needing quick and easily navigable access to UK competition law.

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