Blackstone's Senior Investigating Officers' Handbook (3ed)

Blackstone's Senior Investigating Officers' Handbook (3ed)
Blackstone's Senior Investigating Officers' Handbook (3ed)
Cook, T
Oxford University Press

Blackstone's Senior Investigating Officers' Handbook is designed specifically to meet the quick-reference needs of any officer conducting a serious investigation. The only portable step-by-step guide to the processes and actions involved in the role of a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), it explains all the relevant procedures and instructions integral to the position in a clear and accessible style.

Now in its third edition, this Handbook takes you through all the stages inherent to an SIO's role: from management and leadership, decision making, writing policy books to the initial response and crime scene management, conducting searches, applying investigative strategies, managing victims, suspects and witnesses, family liaison and conducting death investigations and sudden infant deaths.

Whether you conduct, review or take a professional interest in major and serious crime investigations, this title will be an invaluable resource. Commonly referred to as the 'must have' reference book, it is a highly practical tool for any SIO or prospective SIO.

  • The only portable and practical guide for any officer conducting a serious, complex or major investigation
  • Third edition includes a revised structure and new sections on how to conduct 'TIE' (Trace, Interview and Eliminate) enquiries, complete policy files, and a new chapter devoted to managing death investigations
  • Covers everything from decision making and the initial response, setting up and managing an investigation to forensic and physical searching, communications and core investigative strategies, and managing victims, suspects and witnesses
  • Includes key points, case studies and checklists, enabling quick reference at critical times during an investigation
  • Appendices includes a comprehensive aide memoir, covering the most important topics, and advice on conducting Missing Person's Searches
  • Written by two SIOs with over 60 years experience between them

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