Benjamin's Sale of Goods (10ed)

Benjamin's Sale of Goods (10ed)
Benjamin's Sale of Goods (10ed)
Bridge, M
Sweet & Maxwell

Benjamin’s Sale of Goodsprovides comprehensive advice on case law and legislation regarding sale of goods in the UK and globally. First published in 1868, this title is a must-have purchase for commercial practitioners, academics and barristers.

Part of theCommon Law Library, this title has established itself as the premier publication on sale of goods and is frequently cited in court due to its depth and coverage.

  • Explains the law of sales of goods, including terms and conditions, rights and obligations and settlement of disputes
  • Sets out the nature and formation of the contract of sale
  • Complete coverage includes: contract law, property law, consumer protection, defective goods, exemption clauses, overseas sales, remedies, and the conflict of laws
  • Includes unfair contract terms in commercial and consumer sales
  • Details the remedies available when disputes arise
  • Contains a full treatment of consumer statutes and regulations affecting sale of goods
  • Discusses the different payment methods used in the UK and internationally, paying special attention to the rules and practices concerning Letters of Credit and the implication of E-Commerce
  • Examines the international scope of the subject with an exhaustive treatment of the law governing overseas sales
  • Contains detailed discussion of conflict of laws issues
  • Includes in-depth interpretation of case law
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