Dennis, V
Law Society Publishing

Bankruptcy is the third title in the Insolvency Law series. This book explores the bankruptcy procedure, explaining who would use it, why and when. It discusses the process in detail, looking in particular at:

  • commencement practicalities
  • the effect of bankruptcy
  • the duties and powers of the trustee
  • matters arising from the process including creditor meetings and remuneration
  • how bankruptcy impacts third parties including creditors
  • the duties, responsibilities and liabilities of the debtor
  • how the practice and procedure is likely to change in future.

The book includes flowcharts, summaries and guides to procedure providing 'at a glance' advice.

The Insolvency Law Series brings you a set of clear, step-by-step guides to the main statutory insolvency procedures; administration, liquidation and bankruptcy. Written and edited by Vernon Dennis, a leading expert in insolvency law, each book offers:

  • an outline of the key advantages of each process over others that may be available
  • guidance on how the rights and interests of third parties are affected by each process
  • practical advice on how to avoid common errors.
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