Bagehot on Music Business Agreements (3ed)

Bagehot on Music Business Agreements (3ed)
Bagehot on Music Business Agreements (3ed)
Kanaar, N
Sweet & Maxwell

This practical work provides an in-depth explanation of the workings of the music industry and the agreements that hold it together. Including a complete range of specimen agreements, with commentary on their use and implications, it offers clear guidance for all those involved in the negotiation and management of music industry contracts, music company management and agents as well as music business lawyers.

This new 3rd edition takes account of the latest music industry trends and new business models, in both its discussion and precedent material. Its coverage includes the 270 and 360 Degree deal, digital download, internet broadband and G4 and the business of image and personality rights.

  • Offers clear guidance through the contracts used in the music industry
  • Provides a set of precedent agreements - including management, recording, agency, publishing and merchandising agreements
  • Presents detailed commentary on each agreement
  • Explains the contractual and copyright issues that underpin the music business
  • Examines the impact of the internet and the new business models it has prompted
  • Covers the latest developments relating to image and personality rights
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