APIL Guide to Noise Claims

APIL Guide to Noise Claims
APIL Guide to Noise Claims
Fry, C
Jordan Publishing Ltd

The APIL Guide to Noise Claims is an essential reference guide for claimant lawyers engaged in industrial deafness work.

The guide follows a case study through the entire claim process starting with the initial ‘triage’ risk assessment, through claim intimation and the pre-action protocol, the collection of lay witness evidence, expert medical and acoustic engineering evidence to completion.

In addition to a comprehensive analysis of the regulatory framework, the guide explains how to analyse audiograms against the Coles, Lutman & Buffin ‘Guidelines on the Diagnosis of Noise Induced Hearing Loss for Medico-Legal Purposes’, and how to work out noise immission levels saving substantial time and expense in utilising experts and improving risk management. There are several precedents including a Letter of Claim, Pre-Action Disclosure Applications and Pleadings.

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