Accidents Abroad: International Personal Injury Claims (2ed)

Accidents Abroad: International Personal Injury Claims (2ed)
Accidents Abroad: International Personal Injury Claims (2ed)
Doherty, B
Sweet & Maxwell

Accidents Abroad provides practical guidance on all aspects of personal injury claims with an international dimension.

As Britons increase their travel for business and pleasure, practitioners are faced with a growing number of these claims.

Crucially, it explains the principles of the conflict of laws and shows how they apply to personal injury claims, a topic often unfamiliar to UK-based practitioners. It then goes on to examine the different types of accident abroad and the issues relevant to each one.

  • Covers the jurisdictional issues arising in personal injury litigation, under EU Regulation 44/2001, the Lugano Convention, and at common law
  • Considers in detail the rules applied by the English courts when choosing the law to be applied to a case, including the Rome I and Rome II Regulations
  • Covers obtaining evidence abroad and in England for use abroad
  • Explains procedural aspects of a case including service out of jurisdiction and challenging the jurisdiction of an English court
  • Shows how to determine whether limitation and the assessment of damages are procedural or substantive matters
  • Covers obtaining security for costs and proving foreign law
  • Identifies types of accidents abroad cases for which the jurisdiction and liability rules are determined by specific statute, regulation, directive or convention
  • Looks at road traffic accidents, employers’ liability, package holidays, environmental claims, product liability, and accidents on aircraft, ships and trains
  • Includes a glossary explaining Latin and conflict of laws terms
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